Kaayakalp Understanding emotional effects of scar, scar removal treatment in kolkata Understanding emotional effects of scar, scar removal treatment in kolkata

Understanding the emotional effects of scars

A scar is not just an imperfection on a part of the body. It stands as a testimony to the incident associated with it. Scars can be caused from a variety of sources and can have long-term psychological effects on an individual. It adds to physical discomfort and marring of skin. Scars not only destroy someone emotionally, it imbibes in them a sense of awkwardness and low esteem. Hence, it is of vital importance to not only treat a scar with medicines and surgery but also emotional support and care.

Scars are one of the most frustrating problems after injury. Scars result in severe itching, tenderness and pain. It can be aesthetically frustrating, disfiguring and psychologically disturbing. Social, emotional and psychological effects of scars are especially notable on individuals with visible scars. Patients in a variety of studies are known to suffer from low self-esteem. Embarrassment when carrying visible scars on the face, neck, arms and hands becomes a part of their daily life. They cover these scars with long hair, high-collared clothing and gloves. This helps people to hide the disfigurement. Many a times, they do not participate in activities where their scars can be seen and people may ask questions.

The physical appearance of scars like keloids can be more as they continue to grow and turn red. Some abnormal scars grow beyond the boundaries and may take years to soften and fade. Sometimes, the emotional impact of a scar may outweigh its physical ones. For some, a scar is a constant reminder of the traumatic incident associated with it. As these scars continue to worsen over the years, it leads to a pile of pent up emotions.

Getting a surgery is the best way to get rid of the stubborn scars. Though it would not completely erase the trauma or incident linked with it, it does considerably lessen the emotional turmoil of the sufferer. Scar Removal Treatment in Kolkata is done at Kaayakalp by the best cosmetic surgeon in kolkata with aid and care. Kaayakalp is one of the best scar removal clinics in Kolkata that specializes in the treatment and removal of scars.

As the scar gets visibly reduced on the body, it eases the process of healing for the sufferer. This can help the sufferer to heal both emotionally and physically. Scar reduction surgery can create new scar lines. These scar lines blend into skin creases more effectively which is less noticeable.

As the scar reduces and gradually fades, its emotional and physical and emotional reminders will lessen. While the trauma of the incident may not fade, its physical appearance will. The sufferer will get a ray of hope and can start afresh. Despair and frustration will recede as they will get a boost of confidence in their life. This would allow the patient to wear anything they want and would diminish their awkwardness.

Once the sufferer feels less self-conscious and embarrassed, they would reignite themselves in a new spark of positivity. It is necessary to fathom the emotional and psychological linkages behind a scar and treat them delicately with care. At Kaayakalp, these fragile connections are kept in mind and the sufferers of scars have indeed succeeded in their endeavor to be beautiful once again.

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