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Facial Surgery in Kolkata

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The most important part is our facial expression which helps us to communicate with each other. Our facial expression leaves an impact on how others identify us. Facial surgery is a surgery that is specially done to reconstruct the defect part in face and body. It changes the look and feel of the face by using some medical technique or surgery process. Facial surgery in Kolkata has come through many such cases and have 100% track record of successful surgeries

Different types of facial surgeries:

  • Face life: face-lift surgery is a procedure which lifts and firms sagging facial tissues and gives a more natural facial appearance. By removing excess sagging skin the skin look smoother and after that the skin is lifted and then the skin is tightened by deep facial tissues, a face-lift surgery can make patient look younger and better.
  • Rhinoplasty: in this process the surgery is done to improve the, size, shape and symmetry of a person nose, bringing it into better position with rest of the face.
  • Neck contouring: In this procedure the neck and chin is refined to achieve a firmer and smoother shape of neck and chin. Even having no changes in the face a patient can improve a thick wrinkled and sagging neck. Neck contouring can help to restore balance to facial features by providing a better jaw line that gives proper shape to the face.
  • ¬†Brow lift: A brow lift is also called forehead lift, it reshapes the face above the eyes by removing excess sagging, skin on the forehead and repositioning the underlying muscles and tissues, a brow lift helps to correct and gives a smoother skin in the upper part of the face.
  • Eyelid lift: Eyelid lift is a procedure that helps in removing excess skin, fat from the upper or lower part from eyes.

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