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Male Genital Surgery in Kolkata

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In this procedure the main focus is for the enlargement of the penis and tightening of sagging scrotum due to the aging process. Men seek penile enlargement for both physical and psychological satisfaction. Most patients who want to undergo penile enlargement surgery have the desire to not only feel confident but also arise from insecurities about their penile size. There has been a sudden increase in the number of men pursue for male genital surgery in Kolkata. The surgery is different from others surgeries but is done at affordable prices with well experienced doctors in the city.

Different types of male genital surgery

Penile enlargement: It is the technique for the enlargement or increases the size of the penis. In this the ligament is released for a width of one finger breadth along the length of the public symphysis by incising directly on the periosteum in the mid-line.  This procedure generally focuses on penile shaft, scrotal enlargement or glans.

Penile girth enlargement: in this procedure autologous fat injection is injected into the dartos fascia are used to increase the penile girth. The procedure generally focuses on improving the appearance of the penis.

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