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Botulinum in Kolkata

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At this particular period of time, people are too busy with their problems i.e. stress, business problems, polluted air and dust particles due to that our skin is undefended to various skin issues such as wrinkles or aging problem. Botulinum treatment in Kolkata has become affordable with high degree surgeons and their teams who give their best to make their clients satisfied with the results.

The procedure of Botulinum is as follow:

The process is not as simple as it looks like. There are 43 muscles in our face so proper spot is to be selected by the surgeon to optimize the treatment. A very thin needle is used to inject a small amount of Botulinum toxin into specific muscles. The surgeon focuses on the wrinkle producing muscle, maintain your natural facial expression. The procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The numbers of injection depend on the facial features and the extent of the wrinkles.

After the procedure is completed do not run or massage the treated area as the Botulinum toxic may go to different parts of the face which will lead to facial weakness or drooping.

You may notice results within a few days of the treatment. Generally, it takes a few weeks to see the full results of the facial treatment.

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