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Laser Surgery in Kolkata

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People have many unwanted things in the body which they want to remove i.e. tattoo, birthmark removal or hair removal. It is done with the help of the laser beam without any cut marks. It focuses on a very small part. The laser heats the cells in the area to be treated until it bursts. Laser surgery in Kolkata is famous for removal of the tattoo, hair removal and birthmark at a very affordable price.

Types of laser treatment are as follow:

  • Non-ablative laser: In this technique, the body part is heated and the top skin tissue is removed by laser. It stimulates collagen growth and tightens the underlying skin to improve the skin tone. It also removes fine lines and mild to moderate skin damages.
  • Pulsed dye laser: In this technique the blood vessels are targeted directly to shrink them, making the skin less red. It feels likes a rubber band snap, and can be used in any part of the face or body. It requires 3-5 sessions of treatment. The recovery time is just 2-3 hours during which the pinkness and the redness fade.
  • Alexandrite laser: In this technique the wavelength of high energy light that is converted to heat energy. The specified targeted area is damaged. This laser uses the process of photosynthesis which converts light to heat a selected area for destruction. Alexandrite lasers cause very accurate tissue destruction and leaves the surrounding undamaged.
  • Light-based treatment: This technique is also used for skin treatment. Though they are not exactly laser treatment. But similar in terms of procedure and results.

    Results and recovery after the treatment:

 Results and recovery generally depend on the technique used for the treatment. Mild treatment or low laser treatment generally takes 5-7 days to recover. High power laser treatment takes a longer period of time to recover. The skin will go through different stages of redness, oozing or peeling for a week. After that, the skin will remain pink for a few weeks then slowly the skin will recover.

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