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Dimple Creation in Kolkata

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Not, everyone is blessed with dimples, it gives a beautiful look and showcases the facial beauty of the person. Dimple creation is a simple procedure where a small surgery is done in which a small cut is made on the inner side of the cheek. The facility of dimple creation in kolkata is available at best price. kaayakalp is one of the best clinic in kolkata for dimple creation.

The procedure of dimple creation is as follow:

Dimple creation is a quick procedure it nearly takes 30 minutes to complete the treatment. Dimple creation is done under local anesthesia. During the procedure, a small cut is made inside the mouth work on the buccinator muscle inside the cheek to create a natural looking dimple. After this the inside part is stitched after that you get your desired dimples on the chosen part of the face. The procedure is performed inside the mouth so there are no chances of any surgery mark outside the face.

Different types of dimple creation are as follow:

Cheek dimple: These are the most common surgery done by most of the people located on the cheek. The dimple is visible when any facial expression is made. These are done on both side of the cheek but few people prefer one side of the cheek rather than two.

Chin dimple: These are very uncommon surgery done by very few which is located at the bottom of the face. It is a y-shaped structure on the chin with an underlying bony peculiarity. Specifically, the chin fissure follows the fissure in the lower jaw bone that resulted from the incomplete fusion of the left and right halves of the jaw bone, or muscle, during the embryonic and fetal development. Back dimple: it is also known as dimples at Venus, are the two small indents that are found on the lower back. These dimples are formed by the sacrum and the two hip bones attached to either side.

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