Kaayakalp Tummy Tuck Preparation List by Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Kolkata Tummy Tuck Preparation List by Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Kolkata

Tummy Tuck Preparation List

Preparation is the key, isn’t it? Everything, when done with good preparation brings smoothness into activities. Whether you are planning to cook good food for your guests or renovate the house, you can’t just get to it straight away. You need to decide upon a lot of determining factors to finally carry the activity out.
Similarly, a tummy tuck procedure will be a very smooth experience for you when you prepare properly. The smoother the procedure, the better the experience and the better stories to tell. So, here are our top tummy tuck preparation list to help you prepare wisely for the tummy tuck procedure.

Pre-surgical consultation

Before carrying out the procedure, it is very important that you have a one-on-one conversation with the concerned cosmetic surgeon so that all your queries are answered. The more doubts you have, the less prepared you will mentally be for the procedure. So, have a good conversation with the cosmetic surgeon and make sure that you are finally ready for it to happen. Mental strength and confidence is everything.

Don’t smoke

Smoking will not only be a major obstacle in the healing process but tobacco increases a ton of risks. Even if you are someone who smokes occasionally, you have to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before the procedure. After the procedure, refrain from smoking for at least 3 to 4 weeks. This is of utmost importance.

Certain medications should be avoided

If you are taking certain medications like herbal supplements, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, it is very important that you stop taking them a few weeks before the procedure. Consult your surgeon for the best instructions and follow them completely to prevent any sort of post-operation complications.

Being on a healthy diet

It goes without saying that nothing is better than a balanced diet. So, if you are on junk food a lot, it is time to completely get rid of all those fat causing substances and finally being on something healthy. The practice of eating healthy will not only make you heal faster but also will help you in maintaining the tummy tuck results for as long as possible. A good diet and exercise are super important in ensuring that you are able to effectively keep the results. There is no point in getting an abdominoplasty done if you are going to get back to eating rubbish soon. There needs to be a balanced diet and proper workout routine if you are planning to do this.

Planning for abdominoplasty recovery
 It is very important that you have someone to drive you back home after the surgery and help you in every step of the way. This will make your recovery process a lot easier and smoother.

 Make sure that you buy loose-fitting clothing so that it does not irritate your skin or cause friction. Ice packs, petroleum jelly and a special chair that you will be requiring for bathing, make sure you have got them already. You will be needing them in order to prevent the operated area from taking too much stress.

 It is very important to be patient. It is most likely that the recovery process will take months for you to finally get back to your normal self. So, it is very important to hold on and be patient. Finally, nothing is better than having a supportive friend and family circle to help boost your confidence and ensure a happy recovery process.

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