Kaayakalp Think before going under knife by choosing best cosmetic surgery clinic in kolkata Think before going under knife by choosing best cosmetic surgery clinic in kolkata

Think before you go under the knife !

The term “going under the knife” means undergoing an operation or surgery. Knife standing for “surgery” was first recorded in 1880.Today; however, the term has come to adopt a different meaning. It is largely been associated with cosmetic surgeries that are done to enhance beauty or fix imperfections on body and face.

Millions of people all over the world undergo cosmetic surgery every year. While cosmetic surgery is primarily done for medical issues, there is another aspect to it as well. Many go under the knife solely for beauty purposes. Voluntarily willing to undergo a surgery is the trend of the day. Needless to say, there are many in India too who goes through this procedure. Such cosmetic surgeries have become particularly popular among the Bollywood celebrities. Many actors and actresses do go under the knife to enhance their beauty.

There are two sides of going under the knife. Before diving into the decision to undergo a surgery it is necessary to have a clear idea on best plastic surgeon in Kolkata or best cosmetic surgery clinic in Kolkata. Kaayakalp is a premier cosmetic surgery clinic that has excellently catered to the needs and demands of all wishing to go under the knife.

While there are some positive aspects of cosmetic surgeries, it definitely does take a toll on the overall health and body of the individuals

Boosts up the confidence level

There are many to whom cosmetic surgery is crucial for confidence and self image. If you have a physical feature that you have wished to remove for years, cosmetic surgery works as a miracle. Once an imperfection on the nose, face or any part of the body is fixed, you become way more confident and bold. Confidence is the key to being beautiful and feeling confident is the backbone to being beautiful. Surgical face lift or Rhytidectomy is done at Kaayakalp with the aid of best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. This surgery is used to reduce wrinkles, scars and signs of aging. It improves the overall appearance of the face. Kaayakalp is one the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Kolkata and is an expert in such surgeries and has helped to boost up confidence levels of many.


A very big benefit of cosmetic surgery is for those who are facing certain health issues owing to their physical appearances. For example, some women with very large breasts face unbearable pain. In such a case, undergoing a cosmetic surgery can help them get rid of the problem. Cosmetic surgery would help remove the pain to a considerable extent. In cases of a nose job, it helps to reduce sinus infections. Similarly, when a breast tissue is removed, it removes the risk of cancer in the tissue. Kaayakalp offers one of the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. Rhinoplasty or nose job has become particularly popular in these days. It makes a considerable difference on the balance of facial features. At Kaayakalp a resize of the nose is done by surgery and sometimes prosthesis is used for people who have depressed Nose Bridge. A thick nose tip can be made into a sharp pointed tip. Such procedures at Kaayakalp are done with utmost care as it is performed by one of the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata.

Risks and complications

Despite the various benefits, cosmetic surgery is still a surgery. It should not be taken lightly as there can be multiple complications associated with it. The possibility for complications exists, like any other operation. Undergoing pain is the biggest drawback of such surgeries .Sometimes; the healing time may be as long as six months. There are also risks of severe reaction to anesthesia or hemorrhage due to the surgeries.


Sometimes, cosmetic surgeries do not render the desired output. The cause for this may not be the fault of the surgeon but the expectations that an individual has. Expecting unrealistic results like a cosmetic surgery would make you the replica of a particular celebrity or would solve all the dating problems is completely baseless.

Before undergoing a cosmetic surgery it is extremely important to have a clear knowledge about the drawbacks and limitations that the surgery may have. It is of vital importance to consult with the surgeon whether a cosmetic surgery would be right for you. Keeping its impact on health in mind is necessary. Hence, if you are thinking on going under the knife, do ponder and contemplate meticulously as it is a life changing moment.

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