Kaayakalp Reasons To Get A Breast Reduction Surgery: How To Tell Your Parents? Reasons To Get A Breast Reduction Surgery: How To Tell Your Parents?

Reasons To Get A Breast Reduction Surgery: How To Tell Your Parents?

It can be a very harsh experience if your breasts are too large for your body. In such situations, there can be associated neck pains, bra grooves due to oversize and tightness, back pains, shoulder aches or any such issue, then the situation definitely calls for a breast reduction surgery. In such cases, sports lovers go through a lot of pain and discomfort. Having breasts that are too large for your body also makes you feel highly uncomfortable during social activities. If you are thinking that a breast reduction surgery can eliminate all these problems, then you have reasons to get a breast reduction surgery. Not just that, it will make you feel more confident and hassle-free.
It attracts unwanted attention and brings severe discomfort along with it. Breast reduction is, in fact, one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in women who are in their 20s or over. In teenagers who are 18 years of age or under, this is a common cosmetic surgery procedure. So, you are not alone in thinking that your breast size needs a reduction. There are many people who are troubled with the same issue.

How do I tell my parents about it?

If you are in your teens or a young woman, you will be needing the consent of your parents in order to go through a breast reduction procedure. It is because their involvement is necessary if they will be paying for the procedure, plus, they are your parents so their approval is of topmost priority to you.
But, the issue is talking about your breasts with your parents is not that easy. As cosmetic surgeons, we at Kaayakalp understand the emotional turmoil and awkwardness that might arise from discussing such a delicate and personal matter with your parents. So, below we have discussed about how you can talk about your breast reduction decisions with your parents and have a meaningful conversation about it.

Understanding the special challenges of teenage-hood

Breast reduction procedures can be carried out easily and safely on patients who are in their mid-teens, but cosmetic surgeons often suggest waiting till the patient has attained at least 18 years of age. This is because of two vital reasons:

 Your breasts are in the development stage when you are in your mid-teens and the complete development of your breasts may not be complete till you are in your early 20s. This is probably something that you might not want to hear if you think that your breasts are too large, but waiting for them to get fully developed helps in the prevention of potential second breast reductions in the future.
 Being emotionally ready for a surgery is one of the most important things that a cosmetic surgeon determines in the first place. It is a very beneficial procedure and will bring out a whole new positive you. But the struggle that it brings with the need of adjusting to a new body shape can be emotionally taxing for you so it is necessary to determine if you can face it. It is also important to determine if you are willing to go through the small ups and downs of recovery with realistic expectations about the procedure.

Have a conversation about this with your doctor or some other adult you trust

If you are finding it way too awkward or uncomfortable about discussing this issue with your parents, you can talk openly to your doctor about the various concerns that you have. You can also approach an adult that you trust to talk about it. It is important to consult your doctor about whether you need a breast size reduction based on your current size, symptoms and age.
Do your research

Before trying to make your parents understand why you need a breast reduction procedure, it is important that you understand all the in’s and out’s yourself. You should be equipped with each and every information relating to a breast reduction surgery. In this way, your parents will understand that you are indeed very serious about it and will also essentially back up your decision. You should also analyze and understand everything before leaping into anything. An in-depth research about how the procedure is carried out, the involvement of scars, anesthesia and incisions in the surgery, the potential risks and the recovery process will be very useful in getting you completely prepared for a breast reduction surgery.

Note everything down

It sometimes gets tough to cover up each and every thing when we are involved in a conversation that triggers the nervous you. In the end, we are left with the thought, “Oh, I should have said that as well.” To avoid leaving any important facts out, it is important that you note everything down for reference when talking to your parents. The following points are important to be jotted down:
 The negative physical and emotional effects it has on you, like getting unwanted attention, neck pain, back pain, shoulder aches, bra grooving or chafing, discomfort when involving in social activities and sports, etc.
 Ways in which breast reduction can help with these symptoms. You can quote studies and statistical data to back up the information. It will help in the validation of the information you have gathered.
 All that you know about the side effects, potential complications and risks involved with the surgery
 On a personal level, why you want a breast reduction cosmetic surgery and why it is the right option for you
With the above points covered you are finally ready for the ultimate confrontation!
You are finally ready to talk to your parents about it

When you talk to your parents about it, it is very important that you cite all the research work you have done and discuss each and every aspect of the breast reduction surgery. Remember, it is human instinct to fear the unknown. So make everything clear to them and help them in understanding the importance of it from your perspective. Answer their questions with the help of the research that you have gathered and try not to get defensive. Don’t expect an immediate “yes” from them. It might take some time as their child’s safety and happiness is their top priority. So, give it some time and let them think carefully. Everything will be alright.

Choosing a best cosmetic surgeon

If you and your parents decide that you need to hear it from a professional cosmetic surgeon, Kaayakalp is there for you. We do not want you to rush and commit to the procedure, but firstly, happily answer all your questions and queries regarding the procedure.
We will see to it that whether the person interested in undergoing the surgery is ready for it and then take the necessary steps in carrying out the procedure. Because, your decision is our priority.

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