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Myths Of Breast Augmentation Procedures-Debunked

Breast augmentation is a hot topic among the women of today. Many celebrities and big stars opt for this procedure, making this procedure a highly trendy topic in the modern world. In fact, breast augmentation procedures are the most popular form of cosmetic procedures today.
There are women who are not happy with the size of their breasts, have sagging breasts after pregnancy, have asymmetrical breasts, etc. These rising concerns are another reason as to why the breast augmentation surgery has gained so much of popularity and importance.
However, there are myths revolving around the breast augmentation procedures which need to be busted straight away! So, here are the top 8 myths about breast augmentation procedures :

1. All breast implants are fake and huge: This is a completely delusional fact because a professional and trained cosmetic surgeon at Kaayakalp can help you choose a natural look that will bond with your body type very well. With correct placement and proper size, breast implants look completely natural.

2. Autoimmune diseases are caused by breast implants: The quality that are used today are highly advanced than the ones used in the 1960’s. They go through a lot of testing and collection of data which the previous generation of implants did not go through. There is no strict evidence about breast implants causing autoimmune diseases. There have been several studies where thousands of women deny any connection between breast implants and autoimmune diseases. However, a very rare type of lymphoma known as Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma has been connected to breast implants. But, it is a rare disease and is highly treatable through surgical removal of the implant and the capsule surrounding it.

3. Women can choose the cup size they want: Breast augmentations have the primary objective of giving the patient fuller breasts and natural-looking results. When it comes to breast implants, the bigger is not always the better! It is important to analyze the height and weight of the patient, the current breast size as well as the size and weight of the implants for the usage of right implants for the right body types.

4. Replacement of the implants are needed after 10 years: There is no hard and fast rule about when the implants need to be replaced. The most common reasons for which they are replaced are ruptures, capsular contractures, leakages or a complication with the surrounding scar tissue of the breast implant. They are not intended to stay forever but neither is there any particular date for them to be replaced. The thing is, the longer a patient has an implant, the higher the risk of a rupture or a leakage. The best way to prevent unwanted complications is to have regular follow-ups with the doctor through sonograms, mammograms, MRIs or breast exams.

5. It is dangerous to breastfeed while having implants:There are studies that prove that no potential threats are involved with breastfeeding while having saline or silicone implants.

6. Immediate results are achieved after surgery: This is not true because after surgery, it takes time for the breasts to heal from the swelling. In the beginning, the implants are situated high up in the chest cavity and takes some time to get back to a natural position. So, it needs a bit of time after which they look fantastic!

7. Breast implants give you the perfect body: A breast augmentation surgery is to dramatically improve the way your breasts appear and not create a completely new body. There are considerable improvements in proportions which give you an enhanced overall appearance but they don’t rid you of thigh or waist fat. Realistic expectations are much needed during a breast augmentation surgery to prevent unnecessary emotional distress.Beautiful and enhanced appearance of the breasts can be expected but not that of a perfect body. That is delusional.

8. Recovery from the surgery is ultra-painful:This is a widely believed myth and a very wrong one. Many women have a minuscule amount of pain after a breast augmentation surgery whereas, other women might experience pain for the initial few days, post-surgery. It differs from person to person. The pain that the surgery brings can be very easily managed through prescribed medicines and over-the-counter relievers.

A breast augmentation procedures or any other cosmetic surgery can be a very big step in your life. So, it is better to know the reality than be enveloped in a series of myths that stop you from being a part of the process of betterment.

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