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Kaayakalp-One Stop Destination of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries in Kolkata

Cosmetic surgery is ever growing and has helped millions to achieve their desired look or fix imperfections. It is a type of surgery that aims to enhance to improve a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgeries can be performed on any part of the body. The decision to undergo a cosmetic or plastic surgery is an important one and must be done with caution. At Kaayakalp, there is a vast range of surgeries that can be performed. Each of the surgery at Kaayakalp is done with absolute precision and expertise. Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore (best cosmetic surgeon in kolkata) and his team has been working relentlessly for the patients and has made Kaaykalp the best hospital for plastic surgery in India. The various services offered at Kaaykalp are:


Liposuction also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture suction,lipectomy is a
surgery that breaks up and “sucks” fat from the body. Liposuction is done to eliminate fat from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, calves and back.

The time taken for the surgery approximately requires 30 minutes to 3 hours. The time is dependent on the amount of fat deposition in the body and the number of areas one has to work with.

Kaayakalp well equipped with the newest technologies and machines and is the best liposuction clinic in Kolkata.


Lip surgery is a cosmetic procedure that gives plumper and fuller lips. During the surgery an injectable dermal filler is most commonly used method of lip surgery. Lip implants create an appearance of plump lips and accentuates the look of the entire face. Hyaluronic acid, Autologous Fat, Alloderm lip surgery is done at Kaayakalp. The desire for plump and fuller lips have made lip surgeries particularly common among women. The need to offer the right cosmetic treatment to the right individual is well understood at Kaayakalp.


Botulinum toxin is a popular injection that temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on face. Frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet near the eyes are the most commonly treated areas. With the increasing array of pollution and stress, our skin are exposed to various visible skin issues-aging and wrinkles being the most stubborn ones. At Kaayakalp, Dr. V.S Rathore and his highly competent team are adept in the procedure of botulinum facial rejuvenation in Kolkata.


Fairness treatment is a de-pigmentation procedure or system which focuses on achieving a lighter skin tone or whitening dark complexion. This is done by reducing melanin pigmentation in skin, which is solely responsible for imparting dark complexion to the skin. Fairness treatment is a skin procedure done at Kaayakalp to boost the tone and quality of the skin. This method hydrates the skin, making it agile and bouncy. The highly competent team at Kaayakalp is adept in the field of fairness surgery.


Dimple creation is a process through which a dimple is created on the face through a surgery. A small painless incision is made on the inner side of the cheek. This procedure leaves behind no visible scars on the outer side of the face.


Chin surgery is a surgical procedure that can shape the shape, height or size of the chin. The surgery either reshapes the chin by enhancement with the help of an implant. There are two basic types of chin surgery- Solid implants and Injectable fillers.


Eyelid bag surgery miraculously improves the appearance of droopy and tired looking eyes. This surgery is done by removing pockets and excess skin of fat from the lower and upper eyelids.


Scar management includes the method of surgery to reduce the scars on the patient’s body. There are many options to treat depending on individual cases. Surgical removal or treatment of scars include skin grafts, laser surgery, excision and dermabrasion. The impact of scar on the physical and mental condition of a patient is very well understood at Kaayakalp. At Kaayakalp, Dr. V.S Rathore and his highly competent team are adept in the procedure of scar management in Kolkata.


Sex change surgery is defined as a treatment which changes the physical appearance and function of a person’s genitals. The procedure brings the person’s genitals into alignment with their gender identity. It is also called gender confirmation surgery. It is a very crucial and bold step that is undertaken by the patient. The gravity of the decision is well understood at Kaaykalp. Dr.Vikram Rathore is one of the leading sex change surgeon in Kolkata and excels in the procedure of fairness treatment in Kolkata.


Facial surgery is a surgery that is especially dedicated to reconstruct the defects in face and body. It enhances the appearance through the use of surgical and medical techniques. It can be performed on all areas of the body, neck and head. The impact of a cosmetic surgery is a permanent one and it is done with the aid of experts. The successful procedures of surgical face lift, non-surgical face lift, eyebrow lift, thread lift, eyelid correction etc has made Kaayakalp emerge as one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Kolkata.

The myriad cosmetic and plastic surgeries performed at Kaayakalp has made it the one-stop destination to fix all imperfections on the body. With the aid of modern technology and newest machines, the surgeries are performed with ultimate care. Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore and his highly competent team has yielded successful results over the years.

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