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Best Fairness Treatment in Kolkata, India | Headed by Dr. V S Rathore,MS,Mch


Fairness Treatment

The possibilities of cosmetic surgery are infinite and unthinkable. Dark spots and blemishes on the skin are issues that most people across the world are concerned with. Fairness treatment is a de-pigmentation procedure or system which focuses on achieving a lighter skin tone or whitening dark complexion. This is done by reducing melanin pigmentation in skin, which is solely responsible for imparting dark complexion to the skin.

The procedure involves boosting up the skin’s tone and overall quality. It gives instant glow, fairness and whitens  the skin.

Types of fairness treatment:

Widespread advancements in the arena of cosmetic surgeries have given rise to various fairness treatments for the ones who wish to improve the complexion of their skin.

  • Chemical peel for skin lightening: This form of skin lightening involves using chemical solutions to get rid of dead skin. Chemical peel is majorly responsible for reducing
    patchy colorations, acne marks, and dark spots.
  • Glutathione injection for skin whitening: This is an apt treatment for those who are concerned with the complexion of their face. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is also operative as a whitening agent and it also purifies the liver and takes off free radicals. This procedure is harmless and works wonders for whitening the skin.

Who can opt for fairness treatment?

Fair skin is often considered the most desired wish of an individual. Anyone can go through fairness treatment. The best candidates for fairness treatment are those who are concerned with dark skin, dark spots on skin, uneven skin tone. However, lack of glow and dull skin can particularly be fixed to perfection with fairness treatment.

Why Kaayakalp?

Fairness treatment is a skin procedure done at Kaayakalp to boost the tone and quality of the skin. This method hydrates the skin, making it agile and bouncy. It enhances the barrier function of the skin and acts as a blockage in the way of melanin synthesis. At Kaayakalp, we do understand the patient’s desire for a fair and spotless skin. Dr.Vikram Rathore is one of the leading fairness treatment surgeon  in Kolkata and excels in the procedure of fairness treatment in Kolkata. His highly competent team is adept in the field of fairness surgery. The high degree of professionalism, expertise, and dedication towards each patient has escalated Kaayakalp to become the best fairness treatment clinic in Kolkata.

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