Kaayakalp Dimple Creation in Kolkata by the best Plastic Surgeon in Kolkata Dimple Creation in Kolkata by the best Plastic Surgeon in Kolkata
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Dimple Creation

Dimple on cheeks accentuates facial beauty and expression. However, not all are blessed with a dimple on their cheeks. Dimple creation is a process through which a dimple is created on the face through surgery. A small painless incision is made on the inner side of the cheek. There are no scars or incisions on the outer side of the cheek. A small absorbable suture is inserted through the inner side of the cheek . It holds on the inner side of the skin to achieve the dimple. During the initial days of the surgery, the dimple will be present even without smiling.  After some days or weeks, the dimple will be visible while smiling. This procedure leaves behind no visible scars on the outer side of the face.

Procedure of Dimple Creation:

Dimple creation is done under local anesthesia. The desired position of the dimple is marked on the skin.A small cuff of cheek lining is removed. A double suture made up of nylon is inserted into the skin and muscle in order to develop a dimple. With the help of dissolvable suturing material, the cheek lining is then closed.

The procedure of dimple creation takes about 30 minutes to perform. The advancement in the field of cosmetic surgery has made the process of dimple creation an easy one. Anyone can achieve a dimple with the aid of dimple creation at Kaayakalp and enhance their facial beauty.

Who can opt for dimple creation?

As the procedure of dimple creation is safer method, anyone can be a good candidate. During the consultation with the surgeon at Kaayakalp, a review of  one’s medical history and examination is done. It is then that it is decided whether one is a good candidate or not.

Why Kaayakalp?

Headed by Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore, Kaayakalp has emerged as the best clinic for dimple creation in Kolkata. The expertise, professionalism and experience of his team has made Kaayakalp the centre for all cosmetic surgeries in Kolkata. When it comes to various cosmetic surgeries, Kaayakalp has pioneered in the field, especially in dimple creation in Kolkata.

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