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Achieve The Perfect Jaw With Face Lift Surgery

What is a face lift?

Face lift surgery  is dedicated to reconstruct the defects in face. Face lift or Rhytidectomy means reversing the visible signs of aging on the face. The procedure involves pulling the skin of the face. It tightens the muscle layer to provide a more youthful appearance to the skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face and other signs of aging. The basic goal of face lift is to enhance the overall appearance of the jaw and face. Facelift surgery can help retain the beauty of face lost due to stress and over increasing pollution. You must me thinking about the face lift surgery cost in India. Well, this cost depends on the clinic and the type of surgery.

Who can opt for cosmetic face lift?

Face lift surgery is an effective way to augment one’s appearance and boost self confidence. However, it cannot be opted by everyone. The best candidates of face lift are:

  • Ones who has realistic expectations and shall be willing to maintain and follow pre and post surgery care. The candidate should consult with the plastic surgeon thoroughly about the expectations and results of the face lift surgery.
  • Ones who have good skin elasticity. The skin should be able to retain its flexibility and must be naturally supple.
  • Ones with strong bone structure to provide support and yield successful results.
  • Ones who possess overall good physical and mental health. Facelift is a surgical procedure that requires significant healing and as such, the patient should be prepared for it

Technology used behind facelift at Kaayakalp

Facelift is a surgical procedure that requires a skilled surgeon. Face lift surgeon at Kaaykalp performs this procedure with and artistic eye and precision so that the patients are able to meet their expectations. Advanced and minimally invasive techniques are used to minimize discomfort of the patient. Face lift at Kaayakalp is performed with the aid of different surgical tools and incision patterns.

  • Endoscopic facelift:
    Endoscopic technology is widely used by the surgeons to perform all types of facelifts. An endoscope is a microscopic camera which is attached to a small wand. The surgeon will create three small incisions which are an inch long or less. Endoscope is then inserted into the skin through one incision to obtain a clear view of the underlying facial structure. Tiny surgical instruments athens inserted to lift the muscles and remove excess tissue on the face.
  • Cutaneous Facelift:The is the oldest type of facelift that only addresses sagging and excess skin. The surgeon will create a long incision and through this incision, the skin is slightly lifted.
  • S-Lift:In case of S lift the surgeon creates S shaped incisions near the ears. Since the incisions are relatively smaller, the healing time is lesser as compared to other facelift techniques.
  • SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) Facelift:SMAS is the most common face lift procedure today. In this procedure , the doctor lifts and tightens the underlying muscle structur.The SMAS technique aims to improve facial contours and achieve an more youthful appearance

Such wide range of high end technology makes Kaayakalp is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Kolkata.
Face lift at Kaayakalp is done by one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata, Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore. From the initial consultation to the final look, the entire process is done under extraordinary attention and detail. The impact of a face lift is a permanent one and it is done with absolute precision. The successful procedures of face lift at Kaayakalp with the expertise of the dedicated and professional surgeons
has made Kaayakalp emerge as the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Kolkata.

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