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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata

Successful Stories

Abhilasha Rai

Amazing hand in Cosmetic Surgery

If any one needs any kinds of cosmetic treatment, please contact Dr. V S Rathore. He would be the best doctor available in the city.

Romi Roy

Best Liposuction in Kolkata

Ladies, if you want to get slim with the help of Liposuction, contact immediately Dr V S Rathore. Its a 100% result. Thanks.

Prem Singh

Best hair Transplant In India

I had visited so many centers for hair transplant, but finally came to know about Dr. Rathore. He is the best doctor, I have experienced.

Sabita Thakur

My Pimples are gone

It has been a great experience with Dr V S Rathore. thank you sir. Will recommend to others as well.

Sampurna Sinha

Got back my original Hand

A friendly place with a friendly doctor who helps you understand the procedure and offers the best treatment at the right cost. God Bless you Sir.

Akash Sarkar

My Pimples are gone

Thank you Doctor Rathore, finally, many years of embarrassment has gone. It’s been 8 months when you had done my gynecomastia surgery. The result was amazing.

Abhilasha Rai

My scars were gone, so happy

Dr. Rathore is really a very good human being by heart. He helped me a lot. Due to his mental support I returned to my normal state, as I was very depressed. I admire him and wish him all success in his life. Thank you ..Sir.

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