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Lip Surgery

Lip surgery is a cosmetic procedure that gives plumper and fuller lips. During the surgery an injectable dermal filler is most commonly used method of lip surgery. Lip implants create an appearance of plump lips and accentuates the look of the entire face.

Types of lip surgery:

Lip surgery has become extremely popular because of its high success rate. As a result of its popularity there are various types of lip surgery available :

  • Hyaluronic acid :
    These injectable, clear gels are made of hyaluronic acid. This product lasts 3 to 12 months.
  • Autologous Fat :

    In this procedure patient’s own fat, from another part of the body is used.  This method provides a longer lasting result, as compared to collagen. There are also no risks of injection involved.

  • Alloderm :

    Alloderm is made from donated cadaver tissue. This naturally integrates into the patient’s tissue. As a result, it produces a natural feeling and pliable result

  • VeraFil :

    Similar to breast implants, verafil uses inflatable saline implants. The results of verafil are long lasting but may need replacement over time.

Who can opt for lip surgery?

 Thin lips are a concern for most women.  Lip surgery augment lip volume and reduce the marks of lipstick lines by inserting age related creasing along the lip border.

  • Any woman who is an adult of any age are good candidates for lip surgery.
  • Patients with thin lips particularly derive benefit from this surgery.
  • The individual should be in good health and should expect realistic outcomes form the surgery.
  • The potential candidates should report about any pre-existing allergies to the surgeon.
  • The potential candidates should report about any pre-existing allergies to the surgeon.

Why Kaayakalp?

The desire for plump and fuller lips have made lip surgeries particularly common among women. The need to offer the  right cosmetic treatment to the right individual is well understood at Kaayakalp. Headed by Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore, Kaayakalp has emerged as the lip surgery clinic in Kolkata. The expertise, professionalism and experience of his team has made Kaayakalp the centre for all cosmetic surgeries in Kolkata. When it comes to various cosmetic surgeries, Kaayakalp has pioneered in the field, especially in lip surgery in Kolkata.

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